In response to customer demand, Aberdeen-based 3D scanning specialists, Viewport3, have developed a new online viewer platform for reviewing 3D data files. ‘Viewport View’ brings the firm’s customers closer to their 3D data, regardless of the format or who collected it. 

Viewport View has been designed to offer simple, user-friendly access to 3D data files, without the requirement for any specialist hardware, training or installation. It brings 3D data to life, and so bridges the understanding gap for non-technical personnel in a way that a stack of 2D drawings simply cannot. It’s intended for use across organisations, facilitating cross-discipline collaboration and inclusive conversations.  

Having listened and responded to customers’ needs since their launch 4 years ago the Viewport3 team developed Viewport View to fill a gap in the market that meets all of those needs in one product. A web-based platform, it operates on any office-standard PC or laptop without any software being installed and can be accessed from anywhere. Nonetheless the Viewport3 team remain on hand to support users of the View as and when it may be required. 

Viewport3’s co-founder, Richard Drennan, outlined the rationale behind its development: “Many viewers that we have previously encountered come armed with hundreds of complex capabilities, at an exorbitant monthly licence fee. We were aware that our customers were only using a fraction of these capabilities, so we devised our own straightforward, intuitive and simple-to-use viewer to meet this demand for a more streamlined market. 

“Viewport View offers a clean and simple layout accompanied by self-explanatory viewing options and tools. The product is lightweight and simple, with a pricing structure to match.”  

 Fellow co-founder, Chris Harvey added:

“Using the platform helps to increase the awareness and understanding of personnel manipulating and using the 3D data, and in so doing adds value to HSE planning, site awareness, HIRAs, and risk assessment meetings. It is already in demand for pre-dive meetings as a critical aid to understanding the worksite before heading offshore. Viewport View also allows regulators and stakeholders to review assets and structural integrity issues, inspection results and take measurements directly from the tool. 

 “While we have already built a very strong reputation in the offshore and topside sectors, the Viewport View is applicable across any number of industries: it can be used as a virtual worksite induction tool, before arriving at a remote worksite, and even a virtual training base for complex equipment. 

 “We’re fully aware there’s a multitude of 3D data out there in our industry and in others.  Our viewer platform is able to ingest customers’ own data as well as any collected by us, and re-purpose these for their own uses.”

Viewport3 specialise in providing 3D scanning and reverse engineering services – using digital cameras to obtain technical grade point-cloud data, which the firm then processes into 3D to produce straightforward reports and outputs. Since 2017, Viewport3 conservatively estimate £13m in savings for field operators by deploying high-end 3D scanning techniques.